A Taste of the Mediterranean in a Glass. Discover the Rich History and Exquisite Flavors of Malvasia Istriana. 

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The Malvasia family of grapes has ancient origins and is grown throughout the Mediterranean region. Researchers believe that this family of grapes originated from Monemvasia, a trading center for Venetians in Greece. Venetians brought Malvasia plants and wines to the northern Adriatic coasts, where it stayed and was named “Istriana” or “Istarska” after the Istria peninsula, which is now part of Croatia and Slovenia, but was formerly part of Italy.

Malvasia Istriana, also known as Malvazija in Slovenia, is a semi-aromatic variety with golden-yellow grapes. Depending on ripeness, it can develop fruity aromas such as apricot and apple, or more floral aromas like acacia flowers. At Lepa Vida, Malvazija is a cornerstone of our white wine production, representing over a third of the vines in our vineyards. We also include Malvazija in three of our wines. 

Our Lepa Vida Malvazija is a single-variety and single-vineyard wine made from fully ripened grapes that are macerated for one night and then fermented in stainless steel tanks. The grapes used in this wine come only from our Rimc vineyard, ensuring consistent quality and taste.

Tasting note

Lorenza Pravato, WSET Level 4 Diploma

The ripe Istrska Malvazija variety's aromatic intensity shines brightly in Lepa Vida's MALVAZIJA 2021. The wine's lemon color indicates that fruity, varietal aromas will dominate the bouquet of this fresh style of Malvazija. It is, in fact, a triumph of peaches, present in every shape and ripeness level - from fresh nectarine to dried yellow peach, with no shortage of clingstone peach jam. All these flavors are well-integrated into a rather full body and supported by aromas of fresh and dried herbs. The wine has a pleasant saline finish, typical of the variety and the area.

Malvazija 2021, tasted in March 2023

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