Savor the distinct flavors of Malvasia Istriana with our #malvazijalover wine box. Featuring three handpicked wines, each showcasing a unique character of this beloved variety. Perfect for Malvasia lovers!

3 wines / 18 bottles



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3 different wines @ 6 bottles each; 18 bottles in the wine box

For Malvasia Istriana lovers, this pack is a treasure trove of three different wines, all based on Malvasia Istriana grapes but each with its own unique style.

Mi is a blend of Malvasia Istriana and Sauvignon Blanc, two favorite wines of Matija (M) and Irena (I). Malvasia Istriana makes up 80% of the blend, giving Mi the body and mouthfeel of Malvasia Istriana while keeping the aromatic complexity, freshness, and crispness of Sauvignon Blanc.

Malvazija is a classic style of Malvazija. A short night of skin contact is enough for the extraction of mannoproteins that enhance the mouthfeel. Its Mediterranean character is reflected in both the floral and ripe fruit aromas, as well as in the warm and full mouthfeel with a slightly salty and nutty finish.

oOo - Out of Office is our representation of the traditional way of winemaking, nowadays popularly called orange, jantar, or amber wine. With a long skin-contact time of more than 10 days. This defines the character of such wines. oOo has a deep yellow, almost orange, color and a nice silky mouthfeel. It's an absolute must for all orange wine lovers.

This 18-bottle wine box includes 6 bottles of each of the three wines, making it a great way to share your love for Malvasia Istriana with your friends.

1 Grape, 3 Wines: Malvazija.


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