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We are Lepa Vida

A boutique winery located in the picturesque Vipava Valley of Slovenia. Our family-owned winery is the result of three generations of hard work, craftsmanship, and dedication to producing high-quality wines.


Home of great wines since 1988

Our story began in 1988 when Roman Ipavec, the father of the current owner Irena, received permission to produce and sell wine under his own brand. The following year, renowned Slovenian industrial designer Oskar Kogoj designed a series of bottles for Slovenian winemakers, among which the Lepa Vida bottle was included. Shaped like a female body with wide hips symbolizing fertility, it was designed as a compliment to the brave young women called Aleksandrinke, who left Slovenia to work as wet nurses and babysitters in Egypt. The exclusive use of this bottle was granted to the Ipavec family, and Lepa Vida Winery was born.



Principles and beliefs

We believe in the power of nature. And we believe that hard work in the vineyards will always reflect in the quality of our wines. 

A quarter (8.000) of our vines are planted just a stone's throw from our home. This gives us both an opportunity, to be really connected and understand all the time what is going on in the vineyard. But also the challenge, how to protect the ecosystem around our home in such way that the vines will give great results (yield, quality of the grapes) with minimal use of chemical solutions that could eventually be harmful to our family and our guests. To meet this challenge, we have made a conscious decision to forgo the use of herbicides, insecticides, and artificial fertilizers, and instead adhere to the organic principles of grape growing. Our goal is to work intelligently, using modern tools to aid us in our manual labor, and to honor the natural flavors of the grapes.

In the cellar, we take a distinctive approach by embracing a diverse range of winemaking techniques and traditions. While we respect and cherish the local traditions and varietals that have been a part of our lives since birth, we also draw inspiration from a variety of wine styles, including modern fresh wines, barrel-aged wines, orange wines, natural wines, and more. Each wine we produce reflects a unique combination of these approaches, blended with our own personal taste and style.

Our winery is proud to offer a range of nine distinct wines, each with its own unique character and expression. We believe that the diversity of our wines reflects the diverse nature of Vipava valley, of our vineyards and the passion we bring to each bottle.



Meet Ipavec & Geržina family

Lepa Vida Winery is run by Irena and her husband Matija, who took over the management of the winery in 2012. However, the first generation, Roman and Vilma, remain actively involved in daily operations, particularly in the vineyards. Their love for hard work, taking care of the vineyards, and enjoying the rewards of the vines each year runs deep in our family. When you visit our winery, you will most likely see us around the vines, in the cellar, or in the wine tasting room, ensuring everything is in place.

We welcome visitors from all around the world, and we have turned Lepa Vida Winery into a must-visit destination in Slovenia. Our wine tastings are unique experiences where Irena and Matija passionately share the Vipava Valley and its history with you. You will learn about our philosophy in vine-growing and winemaking, and, of course, sample most of our 9 different wines, accompanied by delicious homemade snacks and delicacies.


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