Rare Indigenous Grape with a Unique Herbal and Spicey Character. 

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Zelén is a rare grape variety that grows exclusively in the Vipava Valley, covering only 80 hectares. With an estimated annual production of only 200,000 bottles, it is a true hidden gem of the region. 

The origins of the name Zelén, meaning green in Slovenian, are still uncertain. Some suggest it refers to the greener tones of the grape must, while others believe it describes the wine's green hues before filtration. 

One thing that is certain is the unique aromatic character of Zelén wines. They tend to have herbal and spicier rather than fruitier notes, with a light body on the palate due to a lower alcohol content. Zelén wines typically have a maximum alcohol level of 12% by volume.

Our Zelen is fermented and matured in stainless steel tanks, with 6 months of maturation on the lees.

Tasting note

Lorenza Pravato, WSET Level 4 Diploma

Zelen is an autochthonous variety of Vipava Valley that may not be well-known among all wine lovers, but Lepa Vida's Zelen 2021 is a shining example of its potential. Lepa Vida's Zelen is a fresh white wine with character while remaining loyal to the variety's delicacy.

Its robe is pale lemon with a golden hue, and the wine exhibits subtle aromas of linden tree flowers, orange blossom, fresh white roses, and a hint of flat peach. The taste is consistent with the bouquet, and the wine shows moderate salinity that adds texture and freshness to the sip.

Zelen 2021, tasted in March 2023

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